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Established in March 2014, The Friends of Cambusnethan Priory was created with the aim of saving the building from further deterioration and the hope of returning it to its former glory through community-driven adaptive reuse.


Our current proposal is for a multi-purpose visitor centre for the Clyde Walkway and Community Park at Cambusnethan Priory. The visitor centre itself would be located on the lower ground floor, which is currently three-quarters intacted. The partially submerged floor has a wealth of architectural features like the building's historic sandstone vaulting. Also, there is potential to lower the ground floor, creating a wonderful view from the bay window down towards the Clyde. The multi-purpose visitor centre would have a variety of distinct spaces with different uses such as a cafe, wedding venue, conference room and an area to display the history of the Priory and general history of the surrounding Clyde Valley. We have ensured that the visitor centre will be inclusive for everyone with accessible access for those with restricted mobility. We propose that the remaining floors of the building should be converted into apartments. 
Through creating a multiuse building, the Friends of Cambusnethan Priory believe that the building would remain accessible to the public for future generations. Please share and spread the word. The more people who support this, the more likely it is to succeed!





To ensure that our vision is possible fundraising is essential so we can do the following: 


Stage One - Become a legal charitable entity

This is a required status that allows us to apply for funding and grants. The cost of this status and additional legal fees is around £3,700. Any additional funds which we receive will be put in reserve to cover costs during the subsequent stages of the project, when those steps become clear. 

Once we have our legal status confirmed, we will begin the next stage of working together with the Strathclyde Buildings Preservation Trust to carry out the necessary surveys, architectural plans and overall business plans, as well as to apply for funding and grants. 

Stage Two

1. Perform a structural investigation and any subsequent stabilisation of Cambusnethan Priory

2. Employ a project manager to oversee the project and funding applications and to run events for the local community


In order to be eligible for grants from official organisations, we have to be able to show that we are capable of fund-raising towards some of the cost of restoration ourselves. 

3. Set-up an information board at the Priory detailing the importance of the site


Where are we currently at? 
Currently, we are working with Grand Bequest, a Scottish property technology company that supports at-risk historical property reactivation projects with sustainability, conservation, and data analytics at its core with communities in mind. We have since created an architectural rendering showing how Cambusnethan Priory could look once actively conserved and adaptively reused. 

How can Fundraising Help?