Graham Smith


'Hi, my name is Graham and I have been Chairman of Friends of Cambusnethan Priory for the past seven years.

It has been my job to try and steer the group in this time. I am relieved to say in the last 18 months we have gained some fantastic and proactive members, as well as the project progressing forward thanks to their efforts and expertise.

It is an absolute privilege to promote the group and participate in talks with other community groups and organisations. We have always received tremendous support, so it is my hope that we can return that faith in us by achieving our vision and reinstating the Priory.

​This is a project of a lifetime, and may we continue to go from strength to strength!'


Angela Kyle


Coordinator of Cambusnethan Crafters and Outdoor Teams Angela has been a Committee Member for approx two years.

'My passion is the outdoors. I love learning all about the orchards and the gardens surrounding The Priory.

​ I would love the Priory's orchards restored! It would create an opportunity for the community to visit and learn about fruit growing and produce.


I also manage some of the social media and assist in researching all things Priory related.'


Marie Lockhart Michlová
Resident Historian

'I have been involved with the Cambusnethan Priory campaign from the very beginning in 2014.

I am about to finish my PhD in British 19th-century history this year, and it was my long term interest in Sir Walter Scott which led me to discover all the links between Scottish Romanticism and Lanarkshire heritage. Sir Walter Scott's son-in-law, and fellow author, J.G. Lockhart was born at the Cambusnethan Manse, near the Priory.

​It would be great to keep the memory of all those who have links through the Priory alive!'


Stephen Smith

'I joined a few years ago as I am local, and I knew I had something to offer the group and became part of the outdoor team.

​Little did I know it would lead to meeting a great bunch of people, as well as improving my skill sets. Who knew simple grass cutting would put the Priory on the map!'


Rae Woodrow

'My name is Rae Woodrow, and I originally come from Newmains, although now I currently live in the Hebrides.

I have always had a love of history, in particular local history. When interest grew in saving the Priory, I immediately got involved! I both set up the website and maintain it, so blame me for any mistakes you encounter (there will be plenty)! 

I am also a passionate crafter, with quilting being my main hobby and Bobbin Lace being my second.' 

Rae Woodrow.jpeg

Angela joined the team in April 2020 after stumbling upon the Facebook page after a friend posted a photo of their lockdown walk.

'My role consists of researching governance policies concerning the building itself and its grounds and community and sustainable funding.


A vast amount of Scottish history links to the Priory, and we need to be protecting this for our future generations. As a result, we have engaged with local councillors and our MSP to get them behind our project.'

Angela McCarthy