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Please help us save Cambusnethan Priory



Cambusnethan Priory or the Priory, as it is known locally, was designed by James Gillespie Graham and completed in 1820. Today the Priory is looked on as one of Graham's best country houses, likely due to its Gothic Revival design. 

However, sadly in the 1980s, Cambusnethan Priory was gutted by fire leading to only the golden sandstone shell remains seen today. Although now considered a ruin, stunning gothic carvings remain visible. Even though from across the valley such state cannot be seen, ultimately every year brings further decline to the Priory's current state.

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Learn more about our mission to save Cambusnethan Priory and our plans to ensure the building's longevity for future generations.

Ways you can help

ways you can help


Merch & Crafts

Check our beautiful Cambusnethan Priory merchandise and crafts from local suppliers!


Volunteer with us

Join our team of volunteers and help us bring Cambusnethan Priory back to life.

 We want to save the local heritage and share the local history with future generations.

We need your help so we can achieve our aims. PLEASE click link above


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